Dean Dodge boxing - record BOXREC

moving up the rankings of UK professional boxing

Currently ranked #17 at Super Featherweight in Britain 👊🏼🇬🇧

Dean Dodge BoxRec

Dean Says he is over the moon to find out that his boxrec is now moving up the ranks of Great British Boxing. 

Yeovil boxer

Following the tenth professional fight of Dean Dodge and win against former English  and WBC Champion Sean Davis, Dean Dodge ranked #11 in the UK BOXREC - Just one place outside of the UK's top 10 fighters. Due to inactivity during the Covid pandemic Dean currently ranks #17 but with a new fight on the horizon this will change up.

BoxRec dean dodge

Dean Dodge is one to watch, moving on up through the UK professional rankings, Dean never fails to entertain the crowds and his army of fans. Dean is still looking for one more sponsor to help his career. Could this be you?