Dean Dodge
Dean Dodge

Dean Dodge undefeated

Super feather weight Pro Boxer from Yeovil.

Dean Dodge undefeated super featherweight pro boxer from Yeovil

My route into boxing - Dean Dodge

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26 year old Super Featherweight professional boxer Dean Dodge  is trained by Dean Lewis at the Warrior Gym in Weston Super Mare, Somerset.

How did I get involved in boxing?

Dean's journey into boxing began by chance. Aged 11, he wanted, like so many other young kids his age, to be a proessional footballer and was playing regularly for his local club when his football coach sent him to a local gym to help improve on his overall fitness... and he never looked back!

Having caught the boxing bug at a young age, Dean spent most of his amateur career at Yeovil ABC, taking a break at the age of 15 and returning to the sport aged 18, since returning, Dean has dedicated himself to the sport and following a successful run of 45 bouts in the amateurs at an elite level, it was a natural progression for him to turn professional.

Nothing in life is ever straight forward and Dean's plan to become a professional boxer was to hit a major hurdle, when in 2016, he was denied his professional boxing license on medical grounds. Failing the medical and the subsequent decision to deny Dean his professional boxing license had a massive negative effect on Dean and his life took a dark, downward spiral, with life testing him at every turn. 

dean dodge pro boxer

Dean found himself spending cold winter nights trying to sleep in his car, having lost his job and then his home, life certainly began to test the young fighter, but a fighter he was and still is and Dean was not about to give up on his dream. It's times like these when your real friends start to shine and for Dean, these friends came forward to give him the support he needed to re-take control of his life.

Having found a new job, Dean knew he needed to find his way back into the boxing ring. A chance meeting with coach Dean Lewis, who is now Deans boxing coach was to set Dean back on the right track and as steel sharpens steel the pair put a plan in motion for Dean to compete again in the boxing ring. But this was only the beginning and life wasn’t going to get any easier. Dean, however, was committed to his plan to become a professional boxer, no matter how hard the commitment. His work / lifestyle routine became:  

  • Wake up at 05:30
  • Work 06:00 - 14:00
  • 90 min commute to the gym
  • Train hard
  • Travel home exhausted
  • Eat
  • Sleep
  • Repeat.

Dean contested the medical verdict and eventually had his professional boxing license rightfully reinstated and just like that, after all the hardship and self doubt which came from one stroke of the pen decision, a decision that could have cost Dean his dreams... Dean Dodge bounced back in the boxing ring and now, three years later is undefeated in ten professional fights.

Dean Dodge, undefeated super feather-weight, professional boxer now trains at the Warrior Gym in Weston Super Mare with Coach Dean Lewis and is sponsored by: Penmill Scaffolding, Paragon Cleaning Services, Camelot Builders, All Sport Insurance, Tomahawk Doors & Animalistic Nutrition.

FIGHT NEWS:  New fight details coming soon!

Dean never fails to put on a great show for his army of fans and the Taunton tear up was no exception.

The Taunton tear up saw a tenth victory for Dean 'El Diablo' Dodge, beating Sean Davis on points in a show stopping fight.

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"Boxing," Sugar Ray Leonard wrote, "is the ultimate challenge. There is nothing that compares to testing yourself like the way you do in the ring."

He’s probably right; there’s no sport quite like it as a combination of discipline, artistry, violence and fame.

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Dean Dodge